LIKILAND is a WEB 3.0 in the domain of the Internet project management, automation, standardization and decentralization of business processes!

According to the survey results, in 92% of cases it is something you have not seen before…

Major changes in the future? - Only if our users wish it!

We focus on our users’ wishes and not on metrics and commercial objectives, on your reviews, this is your service, this is the WEB 3.0!

The main functions and the structure of the catalog are already defined permanently, so that our users have a guarantee of stability using their favorite product. From now on, only users will decide the destiny of the big changes proposed by the LIKILAND team by voting on them.

The SISTEMA’s invariable part is more important than the shareholders and the CEO at any time of the company's function, it is a public guarantee of granted to its users forever. Now our users and partner companies know for certain that they trust their reviews, business interests and reputation to one of the most trusted places on the Internet.


In LIKILAND, SISTEMA 3.0 manages the main business processes and solutions, evaluates various parameters in numerical terms. In many situations, SISTEMA, not the manager, decides how work processes are going according to plan, how many bonuses to accumulate or even whether to block an employee's account. The manager only helps and teaches to work successfully. Part of our team is working exclusively on the analysis of the SYSTEM and its improvement.

Invariable part

LIKILAND for users is a catalog forever where one can write reviews and see the friends’ reviews forever.

For the companies and business partners LIKILAND is a trusted partner forever that values ​​the reputation and success of absolutely any company, regardless of its size, circumstances and difficulties. The LIKI team must reply to all incoming emails within the established deadline and always help by all available methods.

At least 1% of the LIKILAND head office profit goes to charitable foundations.

For all major changes to the site and mobile applications it is mandatory to vote among those who use it and whose interests are affected by these changes (users and/or companies). There should be a possibility to approve or block the proposed changes in the voting as it is decided by the majority percentage.
* Accepted without voting only: improvements to existing functions, complementing and testing of new functions (not related to the previous ones), all internal LIKILAND technical infrastructure and changes at the request of the authorities.

Variable part

Marketing, analytics, sales channels, testing of new areas and development of successful areas.

Development and growth.

Automation, analytics, robotization of actions, conclusions and decisions.

Analysis and improvement of the efficiency of departments, managers, employees and interactions with partners/users.

By analogy with smart contracts and programming code, we decided to digitize and automate the main part of LIKILAND's function by creating SISTEMA in order to simplify and standardize the company's work as much as possible.

In most of the operational tasks with intensive resources we have analytics, numbers, regulations, performance indicators, % ratio...
So why make personal decisions when it is clear from the beginning by what criteria rational decisions are made? We process the data and send it to prepared formula of actions, conclusions and evaluations.

This offloads work to the head office that makes decisions only on unregulated parts of the job and organizes communication with its favorite users and companies. We consider that this part should be done by people, not by robots.

About competition partners

Our main objective is to make the world of reviews better, in order to do it we created the latest technology "Friends Reviews", the only solution that provides 100% transparency of the information and the author.

Currently, creating a new world of "Friends Reviews" requires a lot of effort and hundreds of thousands of reviews, so we decided to get associated with other review sites on mutually beneficial terms instead of competing with them!

We wish different review websites to evolve and the users to choose which one to use based on their individual preferences, convenience, interests, specialization and community of the site...

We wish different review websites to evolve and the users to choose which one to use based on their individual preferences, convenience, interests, specialization and community of the site, etc. LIKILAND is a unique and highly specialized service for publishing friends' reviews. It can be connected and implemented entirely and natively on almost any review site, so that the site users could see their friends' reviews from a single database of the LIKILAND, connect their social networks and add also their reviews to the Friends Reviews section on this site, which will additionally be transferred to a single LIKILAND database.

LIKILAND is positioned to offer an open Friend Reviews service to anyone interested in using the most advanced and patented technologies in the Friend Reviews universe! In this case, everyone wins and users get a competitive market and a unique service.

Our core team consists of top-level specialists from various domains of activity and from different countries of the world including Spain, Mexico, Ukraine and Bulgaria. We are very inspired and united by one goal: creation of the new world of friend reviews!

LIKILAND's head office is located in Valencia, Spain.
For LIKILAND users, we are planning to gradually open new countries and cities in the catalog until we provide all Internet users with a convenient catalog in their city!

1. The development of experimental methods for hiring, adaptation and training of employees from the conflicting sectors of society: homeless people, people with addictions, people with criminal past, etc. For simple remote work in support departments, content moderation, etc.
Launching in 2024, depending on the financial plan for 2024.

2. Selection and execution of agreements with the first charitable foundation that, depending on the results in 2023, in case of obtaining profit it will receive from 1% of them.

Decentralization in everything: LIKILAND does not moderate reviews and objects, everything is immediately available and for your convenience, it is published instantly! If there are complaints about a content violating the rules, LIKI can remove it or if it is a harsh review of an author who offends someone, it can make the review visible only to the author's friends, protecting the interests of all the parties in a unique way through the latest technologies!