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Vadim Firdman, DDS

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Reviews of Vadim Firdman, DDS in New York

Vadim Firdman, DDS

Located in the bustling city of New York, Vadim Firdman, DDS is a thriving entity in the category of restaurants and bars. The company has a fascinating history, starting from its humble beginnings as a small dental practice to becoming a well-reputed enterprise that people flock to for their culinary delights. Over the years, Vadim Firdman, DDS has evolved from just offering dental services to opening its sleek and modern restaurant and bar, complete with a menu that boasts of an array of both local and international cuisines - from the classic American burger to the exotic Chinese dumplings. Not only does its menu stand out, but the company's key features and services also set it apart from the rest. Guests can indulge in a cozy and comfortable indoor and outdoor dining experience while enjoying live music from their resident DJ. Apart from tantalising culinary offerings, Vadim Firdman, DDS also caters to corporate events, family gatherings and birthdays. Among its products are signature cocktails, mocktails, beers and wines, prepared with the finest ingredients by professionally trained bartenders. Craftsmanship and innovation in their drink approach have seen the company establish itself as one of the best bars in New York. In conclusion, Vadim Firdman, DDS is a company that has transformed over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of its clientele, and this has resulted in something more than a dining experience. The ambience, quality dining, and customer service have made Vadim Firdman, DDS a prominent name in the restaurant business in New York City.

1724 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY 11235, New York


Monday 10 AM–7 PM Tuesday 10 AM–7 PM Wednesday 10 AM–7 PM Friday 9 AM–2 PM Saturday Closed

+1 718-648-6969