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Sheezan Restaurant

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Reviews of Sheezan Restaurant in New York

Sheezan Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of New York City, Sheezan Restaurant effortlessly blends traditional Pakistani cuisine with modern flavors. The restaurant has been a staple in the city's restaurant scene for over two decades, and has garnered a loyal following of both locals and tourists alike. Sheezan Restaurant's history is rich with an eclectic mix of Pakistani culture and bustling New York City energy. The dining destination was founded by a group of Pakistani immigrants who wanted to share the joys of their country's cuisine in the city. Their mission to bring traditional Pakistani food to NYC's diverse dining landscape was a roaring success, and today, Sheezan Restaurant stands tall as one of the most sought-after dining destinations in the city. What sets Sheezan Restaurant apart from the rest of the pack is its commitment to excellence in everything that it offers. From savory dishes like chicken kebab and beef biryani to sweet treats like gulab jamun and rice pudding, Sheezan Restaurant offers a treasure trove of flavors that are unrivaled by any other Pakistani restaurant in the city. The restaurant's menu, updated regularly to reflect seasonal ingredients and bold new flavors, is a testament to the staff's passion for culinary innovation. But Sheezan Restaurant's appeal goes far beyond just great food. The venue is a true slice of culture, featuring regular performances by local Pakistani musicians and dancers. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with intricate tapestries and bold, bright colors that transport guests to a far-off land. And the staff, led by the owner's daughter, is friendly and welcoming, always going the extra mile to make sure that each and every guest leaves the restaurant feeling fulfilled. Overall, Sheezan Restaurant is more than just a dining destination - it's a cultural experience that shouldn't be missed by any discerning foodie in the city.

183 Church St, New York, NY 10007, New York


Monday 11 AM–10 PM Tuesday 11 AM–10 PM Wednesday 11 AM–10 PM Friday 11 AM–10 PM Saturday 11 AM–10 PM

+1 212-964-6259