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Serafina Italian Restaurant Tribeca

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Reviews of Serafina Italian Restaurant Tribeca in New York

Serafina Italian Restaurant Tribeca

Serafina Italian Restaurant Tribeca is a gem of a restaurant located in the bustling heart of New York City. It is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, offering an authentic experience that makes you feel as if you are dining in the heart of Italy. The restaurant has a fascinating history that spans over two decades. The first Serafina Italian Restaurant opened its doors in New York’s Upper East Side in 1995, and the Tribeca location opened in 2006. Since then, it has become a go-to place for locals and tourists alike who want to enjoy classic Italian cuisine in an intimate and cozy setting. One of the key features of Serafina is its commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients in all their dishes. They have a diverse menu that includes classic Italian favorites like pasta, pizza, and risotto, as well as a variety of meat and seafood dishes. The restaurant's well-stocked bar provides quality cocktails, beers, and an extensive wine list that features labels from all over Italy. Besides the mouthwatering dishes and fine drinks, Serafina Italian Restaurant Tribeca also offers impeccable service. The ambiance and decor are classy, yet casual, making it a perfect location for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. In a city like New York, it is not easy to stand out among the countless restaurants. However, Serafina Italian Restaurant Tribeca manages to do so with its exquisite Italian cuisine, its chic decor, warm hospitality, and unparalleled ambiance. It is the perfect place to indulge in an unforgettable dining experience and is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic taste of Italy in New York City.

95 W Broadway, New York, NY 10007, New York


Monday 12–10 PM Tuesday 12–10 PM Wednesday 12–11 PM Friday 12–11 PM Saturday 12–10 PM

+1 212-766-2700