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Reviews of Poke' Bar in New York

Poke' Bar

Nestled in the heart of New York City is a culinary treasure that has been captivating the taste buds of sushi lovers and foodies alike. Poke' Bar, since its inception, has been a prime destination for those looking for a refreshing and innovative take on the traditional Hawaiian dish. What started as a side-project for two friends who were passionate about creating a unique dining experience soon turned into a fully-fledged restaurant. The founders, inspired by the Hawaiian dish of poke', started experimenting with different combinations of seafood, vegetables, and toppings. Catching the attention of locals with their fresh ingredients and flavorful bowls, Poke' Bar quickly became a hot spot for those searching for quality sushi fare in the city. The popularity of Poke' Bar has only grown stronger over the years, with its unique take on poke' bowls attracting a broad customer base. Aside from the classic poke' bowls, the menu now features a variety of signature dishes like the Hawaiian BBQ chicken bowl and the vegan-friendly edamame and tofu bowl. The restaurant takes pride in its high quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients, ensuring that every dish is fresh, flavorful, and perfectly balanced. The ambiance at Poke' Bar is warm and welcoming, with a friendly staff and an atmosphere that caters to both casual diners and patrons looking for a more intimate dining experience. Whether you are grabbing a quick lunch on the go or looking to enjoy a relaxing evening out with friends, Poke' Bar caters to every palate, delivering an unforgettable sushi experience. It's no wonder that Poke' Bar has become such an icon in the New York City restaurant scene. With its mouth-watering menu, high-quality ingredients, and inviting atmosphere, the restaurant has earned a reputation for being a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. Next time you are craving fresh seafood with a tropical twist, Poke' Bar is the place to go.

11 Park Pl, New York, NY 10007, New York


Monday 9 AM–7 PM Tuesday 9 AM–7 PM Wednesday 9 AM–7 PM Friday Closed Saturday Closed