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Reviews of New Yorker Dental Care in New York

New Yorker Dental Care

New York City is known for its diverse and exceptional food scene. Yet, it's not just restaurants and bars that get so much attention. There are also dental care providers that continue to make a mark in the city. One of them is the New Yorker Dental Care - a company that has been serving New Yorkers for years. Founded by Dr. Richard Wolfson, New Yorker Dental Care started as a small clinic in Lower Manhattan. However, the clinic's popularity quickly grew, thanks to the exceptional dental services offered by Dr. Wolfson and his team. New Yorker Dental Care utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide patients with the best possible dental care. Over the years, the company has expanded its services and now operates several clinics across the city. With highly trained dentists and staff, New Yorker Dental Care provides a variety of services such as teeth whitening, root canals, extractions, and periodontal treatment. Apart from offering comprehensive dental care, New Yorker Dental Care is also known for its exceptional customer service. The staff goes the extra mile to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and relaxed during their appointment, making the dental experience as pleasant as possible. Another notable feature of New Yorker Dental Care is their commitment to using eco-friendly and sustainable dental practices. The company has made a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint by using less paper, energy-efficient equipment, and biodegradable products whenever possible. In conclusion, New Yorker Dental Care is a reputable dental care provider in the city that offers exceptional dental services, exceptional customer service, and eco-friendly practices. As a result, they continue to attract and retain loyal clients who value their dental health and the environment.

13 Elizabeth St # 408, New York, NY 10013, New York


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