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Neer Even-Hen, DMD

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Reviews of Neer Even-Hen, DMD in New York

Neer Even-Hen, DMD

Located in the vibrant city of New York, Neer Even-Hen, DMD is a unique restaurant and bar that offers its customers a truly exceptional dining experience. The establishment has been around for many years, and during that time, it has consistently managed to keep up with the latest trends and continually attract new customers. The history of Neer Even-Hen, DMD is rich and fascinating. Originally established as a small café in the heart of the city, the owners quickly realized that they had a special talent for creating and serving delicious food. Over the years, they expanded their offerings and eventually transformed the restaurant into a full-service establishment that has become a local hot spot for foodies and casual diners alike. One of the key features of Neer Even-Hen, DMD is its commitment to using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients in all of its dishes. Whether you're in the mood for a juicy hamburger, a savory steak, or a refreshing salad, you can rest assured knowing that every bite will be bursting with flavor. In addition to its delicious food, Neer Even-Hen, DMD also offers an extensive range of beverages, including craft beers and signature cocktails. Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or a relaxing evening out with friends, this establishment has something to suit your needs. Overall, Neer Even-Hen, DMD is a truly exceptional restaurant and bar that has become a local favorite in New York City. With its commitment to quality, delicious food, and outstanding service, it is no wonder that it has remained so popular over the years.

150 Broadway #1310, New York, NY 10038, New York


Monday Closed Tuesday 9 AM–6 PM Wednesday Closed Friday Closed Saturday Closed

+1 212-587-0202