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N Y Dental & Medical Management

Nestled amidst the incredible array of restaurants and bars in New York City, the N Y Dental & Medical Management company has been around for quite some time. Founded with a vision to provide exceptional dental and medical management services, the company has come a long way since its humble beginnings. With its outstanding team of professionals, N Y Dental & Medical Management offers an extensive range of services to its clients. These include dental and medical billing and coding, insurance verification and authorization, practice management, and collections. A key feature of the company is the rapidity with which it processes all insurance claims. This ensures that clients do not have to wait for long periods before they receive their due compensation. N Y Dental & Medical Management also offers a comprehensive range of training programs to enable dental and medical professionals to hone their skills and realize their full potential. The company has an excellent reputation in the market and has successfully assisted numerous dental and medical practices across New York City. With its detailed knowledge of the industry, N Y Dental & Medical Management is committed to delivering exceptional services and ensuring that its clients' businesses thrive. In conclusion, N Y Dental & Medical Management continues to be a leading force in the dental and medical management space. With its expert team, wealth of services, and customer-focused approach, the company is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

350 5th Ave # 2618, New York, NY 10118, New York

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+1 212-868-2507