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La Kausa Restaurant

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Reviews of La Kausa Restaurant in New York

La Kausa Restaurant

Located in the bustling city of New York, La Kausa Restaurant has been setting the bar high in the category of Restaurants & Bars for several years now. This famous haunt is the perfect destination for anyone looking for an ultra-modern restaurant with a touch of sophistication, excellent cuisine, and a wide range of services. For years, La Kausa Restaurant has stood the test of time by serving up tantalizing, authentic Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant prides itself on having a team with years of experience creating an exquisite array of dishes that delight the senses of all diners. The warm ambiance in which the restaurant is set, adds harmony to the dining experience. The key features and services of La Kausa Restaurant are something of an attraction. They serve up everything ranging from authentic Peruvian dishes, some of the best desserts in town, and an extensive list of top-shelf cocktails. Their commitment to service excellence and an unrivalled level of attention to detail makes La Kausa Restaurant stand out among its peers. Its international-grade bar is stocked with an impressive range of distilled spirits and expertly mixed cocktails. In a nutshell, La Kausa Restaurant is easily the best place to get your Peruvian cuisine fix while in New York. The restaurant takes pride in its excellent service, and a line-up of delicious dishes that they make available to all their customers. With a mission to create and maintain an experience that keeps customers coming back for more, La Kausa Restaurant has certainly earned its place among the best Restaurants & Bars in New York City.

7815 Bergenline Ave Suite 2, North Bergen, NJ 07047, New York


Monday 12–8 PM Tuesday 12–8 PM Wednesday 12–9 PM Friday 12–9 PM Saturday 12–8 PM

+1 201-868-8893