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Reviews of La Esquina in New York

La Esquina

Nestled in the heart of New York City's scenic SoHo neighborhood, La Esquina is a Mexican-inspired oasis that has been serving up delectable eats and signature cocktails since 2005. On any given night, locals and tourists alike flock to La Esquina to indulge in the lively ambiance, tantalizing aromas, and authentic flavors of Mexico. As one of the most sought-after restaurants and bars in New York City, La Esquina's journey began as a humble taco stand frequented by nearby shop owners and residents. Over the years, the restaurant has expanded while staying true to its roots, now boasting multiple vibrant dining spaces that offer a taste of the eclectic culture of Mexico. La Esquina's key features and services are its tantalizing food and innovative cocktails. The diverse menu is full of bold, flavorful items that are sure to satisfy any palate, from traditional torta sandwiches and churros to mouth-watering ceviches and salsas. The margaritas, and other specialty cocktails, are expertly crafted and expertly delicious, perfect for sipping on while admiring the bustling energy of the restaurant. The establishment's ambiance is something special, an inviting and energetic atmosphere offering just the perfect setting for a memorable night out. La Esquina is also an event venue and caters to guests for personal celebrations, corporate events, and private parties. In summary, La Esquina has built upon its humble beginnings to establish itself as a staple of Mexican cuisine and nightlife in New York City. With its vibrant atmosphere and delicious offerings, it's no surprise that La Esquina continues to be a beloved restaurant and bar among locals and tourists alike.

114 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012, New York


Monday 12 PM–2 AM Tuesday 12 PM–2 AM Wednesday 12 PM–2 AM Friday 12 PM–2 AM Saturday 12 PM–2 AM

+1 646-613-7100