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Reviews of Golden Wuish in New York

Golden Wuish

The history of the restaurant industry in New York City is marked with legends and iconic names, and no less so is the Golden Wuish company. Fully established in the early 2000s, Golden Wuish quickly became a household name, known for its unique Asian cuisine, excellent service, and top-notch ambiance. Initially founded by a small group of food enthusiasts, Golden Wuish quickly established a reputation as a trendy spot for anyone looking for a culinary adventure. From its opening day, Golden Wuish stood out for its diversity in the menu, which ranged from traditional Chinese to Japanese to Thai dishes, all served with a creative twist to pull in variety-seeking diners. The restaurant's innovation didn't stop there; the interior decoration and furniture were also unique, combining modern elegance with classic Asian motifs. The cozy ambiance and friendly service combined to make Golden Wuish a popular destination for couples, casual dinners, or even corporate events. Today, Golden Wuish remains atop the food chain in the New York restaurant industry, attracting visitors from all over the world. Its menu has expanded to include vegetarian, gluten-free, and other healthy options, all prepared with the same dedication to the quality that the restaurant has always been known for. The chefs continue to push boundaries, exploring new flavors and techniques to delight their customers. Golden Wuish believes in providing an unforgettable dining experience, because, as they say, "good food creates good memories."

6 Platt St, New York, NY 10038, New York


Monday 12 PM–12 AM Tuesday 12 PM–12 AM Wednesday 12 PM–12 AM Friday 12 PM–12 AM Saturday 12–10 PM

+1 917-262-0528