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Reviews of East Side Pediatric Dental in New York

East Side Pediatric Dental

Located on New York City's vibrant East Side, East Side Pediatric Dental has been providing exceptional oral care to children for over two decades. This family-friendly dental practice is committed to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for young patients, ensuring their dental experience is an enjoyable one. East Side Pediatric Dental is led by a team of highly experienced pediatric dentists who specialize in dental care for infants, children, and adolescents. They believe in taking a personalized approach to dental care, tailoring each treatment plan to the unique needs of each child. This approach has helped create a strong reputation for the practice, with parents throughout the city trusting them with their children's oral health. The key features that set East Side Pediatric Dental apart include their state-of-the-art facilities, modern technology, and a welcoming atmosphere. The team also offers a variety of services to meet the needs of their young patients, including routine checkups and cleanings, fluoride treatments, orthodontic evaluations, and more. The practice is also dedicated to educating both parents and children on the importance of oral health care and preventative measures. They strive to create a comfortable and educational experience that fosters trust and respect between the patient, parent, and the dental team. East Side Pediatric Dental is devoted to providing affordable and accessible oral care to the children of New York City. They offer a range of financing and payment options, as well as assistance with insurance claims, to help ease any financial burden for families. Overall, East Side Pediatric Dental is a top-rated pediatric dental practice that offers comprehensive and compassionate care for children. Their highly trained staff, modern facilities, and commitment to children's oral health make them a solid choice for families seeking professional dental care in the city.

133 E 58th St #402, New York, NY 10022, New York


Monday 10 AM–5 PM Tuesday 10 AM–5 PM Wednesday 10 AM–6 PM Friday Closed Saturday Closed

+1 646-590-4234