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Reviews of DR. THOMAS S. HOM in New York


In the bustling city of New York, there is a restaurant known for its exceptional quality of service and mouthwatering cuisine. Founded in 2012 by the visionary chef, Dr. Thomas S. Hom, the establishment has been thriving ever since. Born and raised in China, Dr. Hom moved to the United States to pursue his passion for culinary arts. Over the years, his unique blend of Chinese and American cooking styles has earned him a reputation as one of the most innovative chefs in the industry. At Dr. Thomas S. Hom's restaurant, visitors can enjoy authentic dishes influenced by traditional Chinese cuisine, such as a delectable Szechuan tofu or crispy duck. The menu also features fusion dishes like the famous General Tso's chicken served with sweet and sour sauce. The restaurant's interior is aesthetically pleasing, with modern décor that reflects the sophistication of the restaurant's menu. The dimly-lit ambiance is perfect for a romantic evening, while the spacious rooms are ideal for larger parties or corporate events. Aside from the delicious food, the restaurant is also known for its unparalleled customer service. Each staff member is highly trained and provides a friendly and warm welcome to every guest. Dr. Thomas S. Hom himself can often be found chatting with patrons and ensuring everyone is satisfied with their dining experience. As a fixture in the New York restaurant scene, Dr. Thomas S. Hom's establishment is sure to continue to impress and delight food lovers from all corners of the globe. Visit today and experience the true taste of China in the heart of the city.

185 Park Row, New York, NY 10038, New York

Monday 10 AM–6 PM Tuesday 10 AM–1 PM Wednesday 10 AM–4 PM Friday Closed Saturday 10 AM–3 PM

+1 212-732-1329